17 / 10 2018

For an extraordinary anniversary film we “travelled” back to the year 1870. All traces of the 21st century had to be removed: Electricity sockets and heating radiators were covered, light removed. The crew and the actors (Peter Hottinger and Oliver Stein) did a wonderful job. Coming soon!  

25 / 05 2018

At the oldest business film festival in German-speaking countries, the film for Swiss Post wins the Prix Victoria silver.¬†Since 1963, the festival has been held every two years in Vienna, this year 363 submissions have been counted.   WE ARE HERE¬†- Film

15 / 04 2018

The new brand film for a swiss bank wins silver at the New York film and TV festival 2018! The New York Festivals TV & Film Awards were held for the 61th time this year, with participants from more than 40 countries.

10 / 04 2018

For a slightly different film for a Swiss bank we shot in London in black and white. An intensive time with many actors, lots of technique and a wonderful crew.          

12 / 03 2018

For three months we visited four children in all parts of Switzerland and accompanied them while they were saving money. Each of these children has set a saving target and started saving with the help of the digital DIGIPIGI.    

16 / 10 2017

At the 8th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, the Rivella Film wins a silver dolphin! With almost 1,000 entries from around 50 countries, Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards is one of the most important international festivals for corporate film productions.     In Cannes at the festival with Monika (Rivella) and Claudio (Seedcom). […]

19 / 07 2017

For a new film for the swiss saline (salt), we were shooting in the only salt mine of switzerland. First on the top of a mountain, then deep in the darkness. With a drone. That was really fascinating.    

12 / 07 2017

You don’t always need to go in a studio for packshots: the amazing view in the valais inspired us shooting the products for Swiss Salt under open sky. But when the wind came punctually at 7 am, we knew, why a studio never is a bad choice…  

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