20 / 10 2014

For the Swiss Saline, I realized a short film, produced by Seed. (Producer: Felix Courvoisier) The shooting for “Summiteers” lasted 5 days. The recordings in the evaporator hall were exhausting: At 12 meters high, with 40 degree air temperature and a very high noise level, the implementation of the story was a real challenge!   […]

27 / 09 2014

For the corporate movie for the Swiss Saline, we were shooting in the only left salt mine (Bex) of switzerland. There, they still drilling for salt and you can also visit the mine – a worthwhile trip.    

10 / 08 2014

For the rollout of the new PC-24 jet, our corporate movie was also presented. What an audience: over 30’000 spectators were celebrating the new jet and our brandnew movie!  

10 / 05 2014

The commercial for the newspaper “Sonntagsblick” was shoot on location. An impressive newsroom!                   

26 / 02 2014

For the newest commercial for the Swiss Cancer League, we transformed a shabby room completely in a copy room.    

10 / 10 2013

For the corporate film for Pilatus Aircraft, we went into the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. We flew with a porter PC-6 almost to the brazilian border, deep in the heart of the jungle, located more than 300 km from the nearest town. The location is only accessible by plane or by boat in 18 days. […]

09 / 10 2013

For the air-to-air shooting, the camera was installed in a elder cessna, after removing the door. The movement of the camera was additionally fixed with stabilizers.  

06 / 10 2013

The tribal people from the Ashaninka were very curious about the film crew from Europe – just as we were curious about them.    

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