14 / 03 2013

With ideal weather conditions, but almost minus 30 degrees, we shot the air-to-air images for Pilatus Aircraft in Switzerland. Thanks to the open rear hatch, we were able to film the PC-21 from the front.  

04 / 03 2013

The shooting for the Pilatus Corporate Film on the Sion airport took place under ideal weather conditions. With a camera crane, numerous unusual perspectives could be taken from the red PC-21.  

12 / 02 2013

Set in the australian outback, another episode for the corporate film of Pilatus was shot. The Royal Flying Doctors of Australia were an important part in the movie. With their planes, they supply the population in the australian outback with medical aid.  

11 / 02 2013

With a small helicopter, we filmed the PC-12 in front of the Ayers Rock. We were a little bit nervous as the helicopter pilot flew very close to the PC-12.   

01 / 02 2013

The corporate film for Pilatus Aircraft began with the shooting in the United Arab Emirates. For a scene, we organized a whole caravan in the desert, which was overflown by two Pilatus PC-21.  

17 / 06 2012

Filming in this former brewery took place only at night.  

Academy of Motion Pictures
04 / 02 2012

The documentary film about the director Xavier Koller took us to Los Angeles, where he lives with his family for over 20 years.    

06 / 08 2011

The shooting in the studio lasted 5 days. We worked  parallel with two cameras from different angles. During the studio shooting, we made about 120 seconds for the finished movie. Afterwards, we were shooting 8 days on location.   

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