Produced by: C-Films AG
(Eng) The dream

TV series about young Swiss athletes:


After more than a year of work, the time has come: the 7-part series about young Swiss athletes starts on MySports, produced by C-Films. As CD & director I accompanied young athletes for over a year. Among them are sports such as skiing, basketball, athletics, boxing, football and tennis. The result is a fascinating series full of emotions.




CASTSarah Atcho, Andri Beiner, Kevin Blaser, Eliane Christen, Jérémy Guillemenot, Leonie Küng// CHANNEL: MYSPORTS// PRODUCER: C-Films AG, Anne Walser//  CD//SCRIPT/DIRECTOR: Daniel Leuthold//Alex Joho (Co-Regie)// DOP (Head):  Manuel Haefele, Atila Ulcay//DOP: Sebastian Klinger, Alex Szombath, etc//  SOUND: Alex Genas, Karin Gadient, Benjamin Brunner, Dominik Di Rosa, Ben Hadley, Jürg Rageth, Tobias Rüther, Axel Traun etc// EDITOR (Head): Lorenz Bohler// EDITOR Guido Henseler, Claudio Cea, Arezoo Rajabi, Marvin Meckes, Martin Arpagaus, Martin Rütsche, Adrian von Sparr// MUSIC: Beat Jeggen // GRAPHIC DESIGN: Roger Staub// POSTPRODUCTION: Panimage