As long as there are dreamers

BKW has transformed itself from a traditional electricity supplier to a leading energy and infrastructure service provider. Today, with over 10,000 employees, it offers total solutions in the fields of infrastructure, buildings and energy. It’s mission: “Solutions for a future worth living”. The new corporate film expresses this self-image of BKW. It tells the stories of various stakeholders who are supported by BKW so that they can realise their vision of a future worth living in. BKW employees are the people who make things happen.


PRODUCER: Felix Courvoisier, Seed//SCRIPT: Andreas Szentkuti//CASTING: David Haisch //PRODUCTION MANAGER: Bastian Hertel//DOP: Stephan Fallucchi//GAFFER: Nico Cavegn//SET DESIGN: Fabian Lüscher//COSTUM: June Fischer//MUSIC: David Hohl//POSTPRODUCTION: Pascal Holzer// EDITOR: Wolfgang Weigl