At the cutting edge

For the 150th anniversary of the company Kündig, the original founder travels back to the early days of the company with the help of a time machine, where he meets his own self. To his horror, he realizes that he wanted to emigrate to America and liquidate the company. He could only prevent his alter ego from doing so by reporting on the company’s great future. But would that be enough?


The story was told with a film and on stage. Rudolf Widmer, portrayed by actor Peter Hottinger, appeared in a double role in the movie and led virtuosically through the evening. He involved the audience and conducted interviews with various guests, above all with the current owner family Weber, represented by father Hansjörg and his son and current CEO Philipp Weber.


A multimedia project: not just a film, but a whole event. 


CASTPeter Hottinger, Oliver Stein //AGENCY: Bright Entertainment//PRODUCER: Felix Courvoisier, Seed//  PRODUCTION MANAGER: Claudio Garovi, André Augustoni// SCRIPT/DIRECTOR: Daniel Leuthold// DOP: Atila Ulcay// GAFFER: Greg Amgwerd// SOUND: Julian Joseph // SET DESIGN: Felicitas Dagostin // COSTUM: Anne-Sophie Chiarello// MAKE UP: Rachel Schlegel//1.AD: Carlo Esposito//SFX: Pascal Holzer// SOUND-POSTPRODUCTION: Walter Rohrbach// EDITOR: Daniel Leuthold // SHOW DIRECTOR: Nadine Imboden