Produced by: Felix Courvoisier

Rivella, “the” swiss soft drink, is a phenomenon : everybody knows it, almost everybody likes it and it’s an integral part of Switzerland. But what’s behind that? What makes Rivella unique? In the new image film I went in research of the phenomenon, with the help of the unbeatable sunnyboy and snowboarder Marco Schwab. Just like Rivella, we wanted to make the film fresh, lively and unique.

The film is for visitors , students , employees , business partners, customers and Rivella fans . It’s used in the context of visitation, he also is available online .


PRODUCER: Felix Courvoisier, Seedcom//CAST: Marco Schwab// DOP: Tobi Buchmann, Atila Ulcay, Björn Detre//PL: Bettina Frymermann, Bettina Tschus // SETDESIGN: Julia Morf// SOUNDDESIGN/MIX: Walter Rohrbach// SCRIPT/EDITOR: Daniel Leuthold