Produced by: C-Films AG
The dream – Kevin Blaser

 TV series about young Swiss athletes:


After more than a year of work, the time has come: the 7-part series about young Swiss athletes starts on MySports, produced by C-Films. As CD & director I accompanied young athletes for over a year.


In the second episode we visit Kevin Blaser, one of the youngest basketball pros in Switzerland. The 20-year-old player from Berne played for the BBC Monthey last season, but injured his hand. Kevin even trains with the NBA Star Thabo Sefolosa to achieve his goal of once getting into the NBA.




CAST: Kevin Blaser, Thabo Sefolosa// CHANNEL: MYSPORTS// PRODUCER: C-Films AG, Anne Walser//  CD//SCRIPT/DIRECTOR: Daniel Leuthold// DOP (Head):  Manuel Haefele, Atila Ulcay//DOP: Sebastian Klinger, Alex Szombath etc//  SOUND: Alex Genas, Karin Gadient, Benjamin Brunner, Dominik Di Rosa, Ben Hadley, Jürg Rageth, Tobias Rüther, Axel Traun etc// EDITOR (Head): Lorenz Bohler// MUSIC: Beat Jeggen // GRAPHIC DESIGN: Roger Staub// POSTPRODUCTION: Panimage