Produced by: Rocketfilm
Viva Kids Credit Suisse – Amare – Director’s Cut

It’s easier to save if you know why you’re doing it.┬áKids want a lot of things, but how can they learn to save and make their dreams reality? We wanted to know more. That’s why we spent time with four kids and their families to find out about their everyday life with Viva Kids and Digipigi and their approach to saving. Amare knows very well, what he wants.


AGENCY: ROD Kommunikation// PRODUCER: Kerstin Reulen, Rocketfilm// PRODUCTION MANAGER: Simone Krebs// SCRIPT/DIRECTOR: Daniel Leuthold// DOP: Atila Ulcay// SOUND: Julian Joseph & Kurt Human// SOUND-POSTPRODUCTION: JingleJungle// EDITOR: Wolfgang Weigl