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The world is changing. We live more mobil, work more flexibel and have our own rythm. The imagefilm for the swiss post shows emotional stories with up and down’s The swiss post supports these protagonists and make their lives – even a little bit – easier.


PRODUCER: Felix Courvoisier, Seed//CAST: Gian Rupf, Daniela Bolliger, Sofia & Joana Gagliotta, Doris Stübli, Peter Fischli, Isolde Polzin, Sero Demit//PRODUCTION MANAGER: Simone Krebs// SCRIPT/DIRECTOR: Daniel Leuthold//DOP: Stephan Fallucchi//GAFFER: Davi Satz//SOUND: Silvio Ammania//SET DESIGN: Nina Mader//COSTUM: Maja Küng//MUSIC: The simple Parade- Go with you//SOUND-POSTPRODUCTION: Walter Rohrbach// EDITOR: Wolfgang Weigl