«Own your Succes» - VonTobel Bank

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«Own your Succes» - Brandfilm - VonTobel Bank

We shot this special brand film in London for the global Swiss bank Vontobel. We stuck to the bank's central conviction: independent action, an unshakable belief in the possibilities of the future and the ability to consistently pursue opportunities even against consensus and to use them successfully for their clients.

PRODUCER: Felix Courvoisier, Seed//PRODUCTION MANAGER: Claudio Garovi// SCRIPT: Daniel Leuthold, Stephen Beckner// DIRECTOR: Daniel Leuthold//DOP: Jan Mettler// GAFFER: Bill Rae Smith// SOUND: Jordan Tewkesbury// COSTUM: Georgia Vaux// MUSIC: Jonas Bühler// SOUND-POSTPRODUCTION: Walter Rohrbach// EDITOR: Beni Fueter